My favourites for reading online

Thought it might be fun to compile a list of my favourite ‘go-to’ places on the Internet.  The list got too long for one post so I’ve had to break it in to a series based on categories, and so accordingly here’s the first in the series with recommendations for reading online. Enjoy!

Technology and Science news

Ars Technica – great science reporting.  Excellent long-form and in-depth articles about technical and scientific topics.

Engadget – detailed and up-to-the-minute consumer electronics reviews, and short-form tech news.

Tech Crunch – startup news, entrepreneurial business culture and tech news and opinion.

Wired – well resourced and well written information about the world in long-form in-depth reporting

User-generated content

Twitter – is great because you can curate the content yourself by following people whom you admire, or have things in common with.  Retweets make it easy for people to cross-promote ideas, and so it is one of my favourite sources for news and understanding sentiment in relation to issues.  It also has a decent community spirit, IMHO (& dependant on who you follow) and will often link me to interesting things I might otherwise never have seen.

Wikipedia – the random article function is great, and I enjoy just following my nose around the links from lists and related subjects, expanding my general knowledge as I go.  N.B. the Wikiwand plugin for Wikipedia improves the readability of the site and I like it a lot also.

Coming up next week…

Well that’s about it for reading online so far.  I will continue to add to the list over the next month or so with anything that I’ve missed here.

In my next post in this series I will be providing recommendations to my favourite free software, software that I’m currently using, and benefiting from on a regular basis.




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