My Favourite Podcasts

Yet another post in the series of recommendations.  You can see the others by clicking on the category.


Dot Net Rocks – brilliant long-running show on software development, focusing on the Microsoft stack.  Archives right back to show one.  Great for researching in to topics in .Net development.  Excellent audio-quality with fun and humorous content.

The Tim Ferriss Show – great guests, with insightful and diverse content on just about every topic that matters in life.

Software Engineering Daily – another good software related show, with always interesting and sometimes relevant content.  Seemingly heavily driven by content relevant to a US software context.

Ruby Rogues – one of the devchat series of software podcasts, Ruby is a modern and highly regarded framework, especially for web-based development.  The shows archive contains many general software engineering topics that are applicable to all software regardless of the language used.

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