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Today I am certificated as Microsoft Certified Solution Developer of Web Applications. That means this morning I took the last of three exams required to earn that qualification. What a stress!

I have a Garmin Fenix watch that monitors my heart-rate, and it is interesting that my stress levels are exceptionally high today, and yesterday, compared with other normal days.

On the Garmin Connect app it is possible to review your stress during the day and I find it fascinating the effect this last exam has had.

On Monday my stress reading was 13.

Stress Level 13

On Tuesday it was 15.

Stress level 15

On Wednesday it was 17.

Stress level 17

Yesterday it was 38.

Stress level 38

Today it is 51!

Stress level 51

There is some serious stress happening, at least according to my Fenix 5. Honestly though, I could feel it. After the exam my stomach was in knots, I felt I couldn’t eat any lunch and so I had a glass of milk instead.

While I’m happy to have learnt some things in preparation for this exam, I am disappointed that I was required to complete it without more time to prepare. I love to learn but cramming six months of study in to a few weeks is ridiculous and counter-productive. Thankfully it is over.

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