Azure App Service Editor

Azure App Service Editor has made its way in to the Azure Portal, and can live-edit a running App Service, however it is not always available and I had once wondered why. Having searched but been unable to find an answer, I can now confirm it is only available for Windows Operating System OS App Services. It is not available for App Services on Linux App Service plans.

The App Service Editor was not appearing for my micro-services, and having searched and not found the answer, I reverted to using Kudu files with a JSON parser plugin for Chrome. It was only after examining some other services out of my product’s ecosystem, which runs largely on Linux App Service plans, that I became convinced that App Service Editor was not available in Linux App Service plans and my previous frustration at not finding a blog post explaining this motivated this post.

I am hopeful that this may save someone some time in future. If it does help you, do feel free to let me know.

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