Nelson Lakes – Lake Angelus

Nelson Lakes – Lake Angelus post image

Three days starting at Saint Arnaud along the swollen Speargrass creek up to Speargrass hut.  An awesome trek in to the South Island back country.

Speargrass track

The Speargrass hut was a welcome sight after the tail end of ex-cyclone Cook swelled the rivers and an especially heavy shower ensured we got saturated.

Speargrass Hut

Someone left a lovely note to DOC in the visitor book…Visitor book entry - DOC we love you


Day two –

The track had turned in to a stream and the stream turned to a fast flowing river.


Wet track

By the time we could see the hut we were tired from the climb and looking forward to something warm to eat.

Lake Angelus Hut

Day three –

Finally the weather was good and we had absolutely no wind, which for the walk back along the exposed ridge was ideal.


The Hut nestled above Lake Angelus

Not long after sunrise the coloration of the mountain makes a stunning landscape.

Lake Angelus




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