Life changes, new baby

If you look closely at my blogging history, you’ll see that about once a month I try and post something. Might be something random, might be just some photos, but I’d like to think more often a post is a thoughtful and considered article about a topic I care about.

You might also notice a wee gap from about July through to November this year. Well that can be explained by the new addition to our family, my first son, Will.

He is the light of our lives and now central to everything I do. It is amazing how complete babies arrive. Even from his first night he was expressing concern, looking tired, kicking and screaming… just like a tiny adult.

Now that I’m a Dad it is only surprising how little has changed. I do feel a token more responsibility, to maintain my health, to be around for him to grow up and know me, but other than that and a few extra responsibilities it basically Nicole’s job as Mum to be primary carer.

Notwithstanding I do my best to help out where I can, so I can bottle-feed and change nappies. Plus IMHO I’m pretty good at tummy-time too.

Michael feeding baby
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