Life under lockdown

Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand will end a minute before midnight on Monday April 27, 2020. As I write this we have been in lockdown for nearly four weeks. It’s been okay for me, and I think also for my family, but I certainly acknowledge we have fewer challenges than many.

In lockdown I’ve been more regular with my fitness training, perhaps owing to the lack of variety in training that is possible under lockdown. Alternatively it may be a result of additional hours freed up by the absence of travel time to-and-from my workplace. In either case, I do feel grateful for my current situation and general health.

When we go out for our ‘bubble walk’ at the end of the work day, William has taken to the carrier that is far too large for him. He doesn’t seem like the stroller so much anymore. He’s growing up fast, and it is nice to spend more time with him.

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  • Recording when NZ went in to lock-down levels…
    Started at Level 2 on day of announcement Wednesday March 21
    Level 3 – March 23 + 24
    Level 4 – Saturday March 25 to Monday April 27, 2020
    Level 3 – Tuesday April 28, 2020 to Wednesday May 13, 2020
    Level 2 – Thursday May 14, 2020 to Sunday June 7, 2020
    Level 1 – Monday June 8, 2020 to Tuesday August 11, 2020
    Level 3 (Auckland only) – Wednesday August 12, 2020 – Sun August 30
    Level 2.5 (Ak) – Monday August 31 – Wed September 23
    Level 2 (Ak) – Thursday September 24 – current

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