Latest recommendations

Photo of recommended books

It’s been a while since I posted any recommendations and over summer I read a bunch of good books, so here goes! Team Geek 2012 by Brian W. Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman Great book about team dynamics and software culture, written by a couple Xooglers and based on learnings from a series of popular presentations [...]

Sitemap Crawler

I’ve written before about my love for serverless. Today I’m announcing an open-source project pet project, you can contribute to, or use as appropriate. It is available on GitHub at the link below. The goal is to create a simple web-crawler as an Azure function. The web-crawler will use xml sitemaps like those used [...]

Life changes

Baby Will photo on chair

If you look closely at my blogging history, you’ll see that about once a month I try and post something. Might be something random, might be just some photos, but I’d like to think more often a post is a thoughtful and considered article about a topic I care about. You might also notice a [...]

Musing on software quality

Software quality is important to me. I think about it a lot. I think about it when I’m estimating, when I’m coding and when I’m at home too. Today I was thinking about software quality on a run and an interesting thing occurred to me, that when we set a target for quality, there’s a [...]

Exam stress

Stress Level 51

Today I am certificated as Microsoft Certified Solution Developer of Web Applications. That means this morning I took the last of three exams required to earn that qualification. What a stress! I have a Garmin Fenix watch that monitors my heart-rate, although I’ll confess that feature is notoriously inaccurate, it is interesting that my stress [...]

Code artisans

I’m exploring this idea that code can be artistic, functional, usable, but also beautiful in construction and form. I consider code beauty analogous to readable and reasonably efficient. Reasonably efficient because I’ve found that eking the last few percent in terms of performance typically lessens readability. Mostly readable because I think that maintainability is crucial [...]

OWASP NZ Conference


Today I attended the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) conference held at Auckland University. The Eight-Thirty cafe had a pleasant coffee I enjoyed while the registration people got all set up.  I got in quick before the masses arrived. Attendance was high this year with the available 900 seats selling out before the day. [...]

Consuming my Quotes web api

You might not have noticed the quotes web api that has serves the ‘Quote of the Day’ on my main site’s homepage.  Underlying it is a JSON web api that you can incorporate in to your own apps or website.  This post will describe how you might do that using javascript. To begin it is [...]

NDC Sydney

Just got back from a wonderful week of geeky goodness at Sydney’s Norwegian Developer Conference (NDC) with many insights gained of Docker and Kubernetes, dot net core performance improvements and cross-platform development with MVVM light. Kubernetes and Docker on Windows with dot net core is just awesome.  Hossam Barakat had a great presentation where he [...]

Humpridge Track

The Hump ridge track was a three day hike on the southeast edge of Fiordland National park and on the south coast of New Zealand’s south island.  Since the track was done in the middle of winter with limited daylight hours the challenge was to cover the 20 kilometers each day and get to the [...]