The tragedy of the commons

Software has many attributes, some are benefits, some are costs. Often referred to as technical debt, software cruft can accumulate in a code-base making it difficult to change. I think about this problem occasionally and today I am reminded of another concept, possibly related, the tragedy of the commons. If you’re not familiar with the [...]

Months to bits

I found an interesting blog post about differing approaches to developing a calendar function, leading to a rabbit hole of optimization and resulting in a truly obscene one-line method. You can read the original blog post for yourself here. Had a lot of fun converting it in to C# and then profiling the performance of [...]

Getting the most from your webhost

Wordpress and other dynamic websites like ASP.NET, where databases store their content, are especially prone to suffering from cold-start penalties, especially on cheap shared hosting where traffic to the other domains on the shared server pushes your data out of the internal cache limits of the webserver and the database. Consistently hitting the site with [...]

Azure App Service Editor

Azure App Service Editor has made its way in to the Azure Portal, and can live-edit a running App Service, however it is not always available and I had once wondered why. Having searched but been unable to find an answer, I can now confirm it is only available for Windows Operating System OS App [...]

Begging to argue

This started as a slip of the tongue, a mangled idiom, but it led me on a journey of discovery. New Zealanders, perhaps like Canadians, have a high bar when it comes to being polite. Like most things this has pros and cons. One big problem with being polite to a fault is failing to [...]

Motorcycle training

I’ve had my motorcycle license since I was in university but have recently been sharpening my skills with training from with a view to obtaining my unrestricted license and possibly re-entering the world of motorcycle owners. Simultaneously I’ve been keeping my eye out for the kind of bike I might like to purchase and [...]

Baby turns one

It’s about time for a new blog post and this one is short and sweet. William turned one recently and he is truly a delight always. Here we went for a walk and picked some wild flowers. This slightly blurry selfie is evidence us boys were safe and having fun while Mum was out.

Microsoft Certified Azure Expert

This year as one of my professional development goals I set out to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert qualification. I started early in the year, booking the first of two exams in April. The second was in August and I am now certified as an Azure Solution Architect. The courses were interesting [...]

Software Quality

Today I was again researching software quality for an internal presentation and came across some ideas from Martin Fowler I found interesting. The first was from the video keynote Making Architecture Matter to OSCON in 2015. In it he explains that developer’s notions of using moral grounds for spending time to improve the maintainability of [...]

Open Source Primer

Want to get to know about Open Source Software licensing? Thinking that you might like to use OSS in your business? I recently wrote a white-paper for my employer on just that topic. The target audience for the article is non-technical, and it is not specifically for contributors to open source. It does however cover [...]