Hiking the Kepler to Luxmore Hut

Hiking the Kepler to Luxmore Hut post image

We did the first bit up to Luxmore hut because it was the middle of winter so unfortunately the avalanche risk prevented any further safe passage at that time of year. Our day started with meeting the Water Taxi across the lake Te Anau.  Unfortunately the boat driver didn’t recognise us at the marina, so [...]

Improved javascript global handler

Revisiting an old post about adding a global javascript error handler to your website.  The reason that is valuable is because many things interfere with javascript in the browser, not least plugins that operate by injecting javascript in the webpage. As I was recently engaged to make some javascript I thought I’d use the same [...]

AWS Kinesis Meetup

The Auckland Amazon Web Services (AWS) Meetup gave a good introduction to the Kinesis real-time stream analytics setup and integrations.  This post is not a review, just some info for people thinking of joining. Location Held at the Grid Auckland, a business incubator near the Auckland waterfront. Venue The venue in the John Lysaght building [...]

F# Meetup with Sam Williams

F# type providers

F# type providers

Really good Meetup with the F# community last Tuesday. The image is of type providers, a wonderfully powerful F# feature. Here’s some links: http://www.codingwithsam.com/ Finally here’s a good introduction on the monad. http://programming-journal.org/2018/2/12/ Many thanks to MYOB for hosting, and Sam for the enthusiastic tutorial. I really did learn a lot, and look forward to [...]

Serverless dot net core on AWS

It can be relatively simple to get started with serverless and this post will show you how. Serverless computing is the future of the cloud according to Mark Russinovich the head of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Serverless provides three critical benefits: abstracts the servers so you can focus on the code, is auto-scalable, is event-driven [...]

Recommended Podcasts

Yet another post in my series with recommendations.  You can see the others by clicking on the category. Podcasts Dot Net Rocks – brilliant long-running show on software development, focusing on the Microsoft stack.  Archives right back to show one.  Great for researching in to topics in .Net development.  Excellent audio-quality with fun and humorous content. [...]

The Future of Testing – How automation is changing software testing

The Future of Testing – How automation is changing software testing post image

This WeTest meet-up was held at the AIG offices in downtown Auckland during tech-week, an industry-led event focusing on tech innovation in New Zealand. The meetup featured a six-member panel consisting of some of the New Zealand tech community’s finest, discussing their experiences and thoughts on the future of testing. Discussion was led by moderator and [...]

C#7 MeetUp with Mad Torgersen

C#7 MeetUp with Mad Torgersen post image

One of the best MeetUps in ages, covering the new features in C# version 7 and the plans for the future of the language.  Thanks to Marcus, Mads and Auckland Dot Net. One of the cool new features of C#7 is pattern matching in case statements. It is important to understand that variables declared inside a [...]

Nelson Lakes – Lake Angelus

Nelson Lakes – Lake Angelus post image

Three days starting at Saint Arnaud along the swollen Speargrass creek up to Speargrass hut.  An awesome trek in to the South Island back country. The Speargrass hut was a welcome sight after the tail end of ex-cyclone Cook swelled the rivers and an especially heavy shower ensured we got saturated. Someone left a lovely [...]

Browser dev tools and javascript’s console.log

Browser dev tools and javascript’s console.log post image

Javascript development for the web is much improved with the F12 dev tools built-in to modern browsers.  While it is possible to use these tools for plethora reasons, my current favourite feature is the console log. To access the dev tools press F12 and open the dev tools window, then click on the console tab.  I also [...]